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Reel  Breakdown


Project VR Game

Simulated using nCloth and Yeti (time 00:00:05:23 to 00:00:17:10 )

My role: Lead Artist design/lead Game designer 

as part of my Masters degree we had industry companies work on development projects as proof of concept for their technology or games. In this project I was tasked to be lead artist and game designer. In the image before you I was responsible for modification and design of all the props and environment assets. That includes the lighting rigging and animation for the game.

VR Project Game (time 00:00:07:14)

This puzzle prop game asset, I designed modeled and textured for the VR project game.

This was my first video game that I was tasked to create assets for. The Game concept which was developed in Unity was a new challenge for me. I studied different assets that provided has demo game levels to learn how to build my own game assets.

This puzzle is a six piece tile sliding puzzle.

VR Project Game. Elevator prop (time 00:00:10:16)

The style of the game was Steam Punk. I designed and modeled this elevator with moving parts in mind.

VR Project Game (time 00:00:13:13)

This game asset was inspired from a Victorian steam driven power plant in London.

Modelled using Autodesk Maya. Texture  with Adobe Photoshop. Rented in Unity3D

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A Summers day at the pond

Passion project (time 00:00:17:10)

I woke up one morning with a vivid memory of a summer's day I spent at the river nearby my childhood home.

This image is my attempt to capture that feeling.

To achieve the foliage in this scene I used: Speed tree, paint effects, vying. The terrain and peer as well as the rest of the objects in the scene were created using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox as well as ZBrsh. Printed in mental ray.

Lepers Hospital in Jerusalem

Passion project (time 00:00:19:10)

Photographer friend took a really beautiful picture of a ward in the leprous hospital in Jerusalem.(If you ever in Jerusalem you should check it out it's quite interesting).

I created this image initially to teach students how to replicate image from a photograph and use this scene to teach them some rendering skills.

All the objects in the scene were modelled using Autodesk Maya and Mudbox. Rendered in mental ray

Musrara School of photography.

Commissioned (time 00:00:23:00)

Musrara hired me to teach 3D arts and animation. This is the famous street in Jerusalem that has a rich history in which the school is located. I created this image from photographs I took of the corner where the historical building of the school.

Everything in this image was modeled in Maya and textured in Photoshop. Ended in Mental ray

The Church of the holy sepulcher in Jerusalem

Passion project (time 00:00:29:00)

This image was created as part of my undergrad studies. This is what the Church of the holy sepulcher would have looked like at the time of Constantine.

This image was created using Autodesk Maya, Softimage XSI textured using Photoshop and Mudbox. Rendered in Vray

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Hard surfaceModels

The Princess Sofia

Commissioned project (time 00;00;37;31)

The Maritime Museum commissioned me to model the Princess Sofia. A ship that went down in the early 1900s. The model was to be used as an interactive display at the museum.

This model was created using Autodesk Maya. Textured using Adobe Photoshop. Rendered in the unity.

Model T

Passion project (time 00:00:53:04)

I so one day an illustration of this vehicle and thought it would be a great challenge to model.

I didn't realize that there was so many types of model T car is made and had to search the web for the one that had the most references.

This model was created using Autodesk Maya. ZBrush. Rendered in Arnold.


Passion product (time 00:00:59:04)

Was doodling in my sketchbook one day and designed this airplane. So I modeled it.

Modelled in Maya and rendered in Arnold

Bugatti 1920s

Passion project (time 00:01:07:00)

This Bugatti was modelled part of my 3-D modelling course at the Bezalal Academy of Art and design.

It was my first time tackling such a complex machine. Luckily I had model I built at home on the same car which made it a lot easier to figure out the smaller details.

Modelled in Maya rendered in Mental ray

Buell_XB12XT Motorbike

Passion project (time00:01:14:16)

The Buell_XB12XT Motorbike was parked outside my apartment one day. So took a whole lot of pictures of it and modelled it.

This model was created entirely in Maya. Rendered in Mental ray

Coca-Cola Advert 3DTivision

Commissioned project (time 00:01:21:09)

I was working for a startup company that was creating content for stereoscopic TV screens that were glasses free. Coca-Cola commissioned them to create an advert that was based on an existing ad that they had.

For this project I used Autodesk Maya, real flow and proprietary software to create a stereoscopic effect. This was rendered in Mental ray

Animaya College background screen

Commissioned Project (time 00:01:22:15)

While working for Ainmaya College teaching the fundamentals of Maya. For their rendering classes I created this scene. That eventually turned into the background screen on their laptops.

Modelled in Maya and Mudbox textured in Mudbox and Photoshop. Rendered in Mental ray

3D arc lenticular tablet

Commissioned project (time 00:01:23:15)

I designed the concept for the poster as well as modeled textured and rendered the image.

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Monster Yume

Commissioned project (time 00:01:28:20)

This to was a project commissioned by the Centre of digital media where I was studying for my Masters. As part of my studies.

On this project I was the Co. producer and Co. Project manager as well as the lead 3D artist.

The character was modelled and rigged in Autodesk Maya. Was textured using Adobe Photoshop and Autodesk Mudbox. Rendered in unity.


Commission/passion project (time 00:01:33:18)

This lizard was modelled for a class where I taught the fundamentals of shape modelling and Maya to Mudbox workflow. It then developed into a 3D printing project.

Modelled using Autodesk Maya/Mudbox. Rendered in Mental ray

Dr. Martinstein Game

Passion project (time 00:01:36:03)

This game was created at my first game jam. Which was a lot of fun and got to know a lot of cool people.

Working in a team we designed to gather the gameplay and the look and feel of the characters.

Modelled in Maya and Mudbox textured in Photoshop and Mudbox. Rendered using viewport 2.0 in Maya 2016


Passion project time 00:01:40:05)

Started off as a doodle in my sketchbook and grew into a middle age Greek athlete.

At much to say about this one just always liked the character design and sometimes I go back to him and rework different elements.

Modelled in Maya and ZBrush. Rendered in Mental ray


Passion Project (time 00:01:41:03 to 00:01:46:15)

Like most of my passion projects I wake up from a dream wanting to create a scenario. This image is the current iteration of this character. I learned how to use Xgen to create the hair on the character for this project.

I was used in cloth for the Cape.

Modelled using Autodesk Maya ZBrush. Rendered in Arnold renderer and Mental ray.

See the full project page for more details.

I am Robot

Global games jam project (time 00:01:46:16)

This model was the villain in a game I worked on at the Global Game jam 2014.

Modelled, riged in Autodesk Maya. textured in Photoshop. Rendered using viewport 2.0

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Character Modling

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