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3D Artist / Design / Asset Design / Production development and management


With over a decade of experience in 3D content spanning many disciplines, my vast skill set allows me to integrate quickly into different environments. All projects I'm involved in are contributed greatly by that unique perspective. 

Art skills  


  • nCloth

  • XGen

  • 3D character animation

  • 3D modeling (high level sculpting and game character creation)

  • Lighting and rendering (mental ray)

  • Video editing and compositing

  • Character and environment design

  • 3D rigging

  • Game design

Administrative skills


  • Meeting facilitation

  • Task management

  • Project planning

  • Budget forecasts

  • Public speaking and presentation

  • Management for small teams using the agile method


Shot finalist  2014 - 2016

Nitrogen studios – an animation studio currently working on its first feature film – “Sausage party”.  Animation, modeling, Hair/cloth simulations and rendering - using Maya 2014.


Freelance 3D artist 2011-2013

Virtual Point - a studio specializing in medical and pharmaceutical simulations  Layout, animation, modeling, rendering, and post-production - using Maya 2013, Mudbox 2013, 3DS Max 2013 and Adobe suite CS 5.5.


Studio Livyatan - a studio specializing in dynamic multiple screen projections and promotional work. Modeling, texturing and animation of 3D assets for visual effects - using 3Dsmax 2014 and Maya 2014.  


Animator, all round 3D artist and senior stereoscopic CG specialist – 3DTVision 2010-2011

Layout, animation, modeling, rendering, and post-production – using Maya 2011, Zbrush 4, 3DS Max 2011, Mudbox 2011, Realflow 5, Adobe suite CS5and Sketchbook pro for a studio specializing in stereoscopic commercials.


All round freelance 3D artist for “Pil animation” 2008-2009

Layout, animation, modeling, rendering, and post-production – using XSI and Adobe After Effects, for an animated series for toddlers.


Layout and privies artist at “Animation lab” 2008

Animation lab is an international animation studio currently working on its first animated feature.


All round 3D artist at “Apregon” studios 2007-2008

Storyboarding, layout, design, modelling, animation, texture and rendering, rigging and technical direction – using Maya 2008 and 3D studio Max 2008.

The studio specialized in commercials.


Teacher at "Animaya" college 2011-2013

Teaching the courses "Maya for beginners" and "Advanced Maya". The beginners' course teaches the fundamentals of the Maya software in all its aspects. The advanced course expands the technical software knowledge and adds cinematographic skills with the end goal being the production of a short animation movie – using Maya 2012 and Adobe suite CS5.


Teacher at the "Bezalel academy of arts and design"  2010-2012

Department of visual communications Teaching the course "Maya fundamentals for graphic designers".  A course designed to supply graphic designers in the field of broadcast a basic knowledge of 3D computer skills – using Maya 2012 and Adobe suite CS5.


Department of screen based arts

Teaching the course "Preproduction in CGI". A course that informs the students on the different production stages involved in producing a short animation movie. The foundations of layout, project hierarchies, naming conventions, rigging and skinning, low-rez modeling, cameras and camera rigs, quick posing and the tracks editor, working with props, playblast, turning video/story boards into previz and using the setup machine software - using Maya 2009 and 2011 and Adobe suite CS4.


Teacher at the “The Naggar school of photography, media & new music, Musrara – Jerusalem” 2007-2012

Teaching the course “3D Animation fundamentals”. A course starting from basic animation techniques up to acting and storytelling, with an emphasis on 3D computer animation and particularly 3D Max.


Manager of the Bezalel academy of arts and design, animation and industrial design workshop  2006-2007

Managing the current upkeep and acquisitions of the computer, video and lighting equipment. Creating a five year plan for the upgrade and maintenance of the software and hardware. Heading and managing a staff of 15 student assistants.



Graduate of the Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem Israel - animation department.

Master’s degree (MDM) from the center for digital media, Vancouver, BC

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