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Commissioned projects

Princess Sophia

My role:3D artist

This game was created as part of the course "advanced game design" at the Center for digital media, and is now being developed for a possible steam release.


My role:

Lecturer/content creator

As the head lecturer I was responsible for devising course content and college curriculum.

This image was created as part of a course  I was teaching.


My role:

Concept/modeling/animation/lighting and rendering.

I was hired by 3DTVision to develop content for stereoscopic glasses-free TV screens.

Draco (BabyTV)

My role:

Lead 3D artist/animator/modeling, layout/lighting/rendering and compositing

I was hired by Pil Animation to work on five episodes for this TV show for toddlers.

Israeli National Lottery


My role:

Modeling/animation/lighting and rendering

A series of short ads for the Israeli national Lottery, created for glasses-free 3D TV screens.



My role:

Lecturer/content creator

Originally created as an excercise for my students at the Musrara school college.

Animation lab

My role:

Layout artist

Animation lab was a new studio starting work on a feature animation film. I was hired to build the layout department and develop workflows for it.

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