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The project: Four episodes of the popular BabyTV show for toddlers. Draco the friendly childlike dragon teaches the value of gift giving, how important it is to not put too much inside a box, and finally the difference between up and down.


My role in the project

I was tasked to supervise and create all the assets for this project as well as

layout, modeling, rigging, texturing, animating, lighting, rendering and final compositing.


What I learned: I had the pleasure of learning Softimage (XSI) for this project. I also learned how to price my work hours and how to deal with the studio/client.


Software used

Autodesk Softimage, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, 


About the company

Pil animation is one of Israel's leading animation companies, among its clientele are companies such as EL AL, Vodafone and SanDisk. 

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