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Musrara School of Art


The project: This project created originally as a lesson in how to re-create A CG representation of the The Naggar school of Photography, Media and New Music in Musrara In Jerusalem


My role:

Lecturer/Lesson plan/Modeling/Texturing/Lighting and Rendering


My goal: Was to teach the students how to research plan and execute a re-creation of their school.


Personal goal: Was to create a challenge that would excite an interest of the students.


Project description: During the course the students were required to study the students and take photos of the street, then make a rough layout of the scene then plan the level of detail when they were done they would model texture and vendor there final scene. Those who wished could create additional fictional items or distort the building to create a imaginative scene.


What I learned: While planning the lesson I learned how to break down a quite complex workflow so I could explain it simply to students.


Software that was used:Modeling and sculpture  Autodesk Maya,  Adobe Photoshop



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