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Animaya College


About the company: Aimaya College is situated in Tel Aviv, Israel. The college has been around for eight years and  specializes in teaching  3-D software and web design.


The College sets out to create an easy And fun curriculum for students


I joined the faculty in Late 2011, and was instrumental in building Aniamyas  Curriculum.


My role: I was responsible for the lesson planning and content creation, fall those lessons.


The project: A Two-part course that cover aseries of lessons teaching students the fundamentals of  Autodesk Maya.


Project description: 

The course was constructed to create a nonthreatening experience those who wanted to learn the fundamentals of Autodesk Maya,  the first part of the course covers. Navigation primitives simple rendering and animation.

The course then proceeds to more advance topics such as advanced Modeling, Rigging,Lighting and rendering 


The second part of the course was a more advanced look 3-D projects start to finish, where I took students through the process of concept design , production and postproduction.


The course also  covered the basics of Adobe Photoshop Aftereffects and Premier.


My responsibilities: I was responsible for all the content that was created for these lessons from the 3-D assets to the hardware used  in class.


What I learned: I learned how to construct a lesson and breakdown the fundamentals of what Fundamental elements are needed. Furthermore, I learned how to command the room  and how to read  people's body language to indicate  if they understood what I was teaching.


Software that was used:Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, 



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