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Animation Lab


About the company: 

Animation Lab is an animation studio based in Jerusalem, Israel and Los Angeles, USA.

Founded in 2006, and backed by Israeli Venture Capital firm Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP), the studio has been developing its first feature film, The Wild Bunch, as the first feature length CGI animation film produced in Israel.


Animation Lab closed its doors in 2013


My role In the company:

I was hired as a layout artist in early 2008, I helped establish and create the layouts divisions pipeline and workflow.

My work consisted of creating temporary sets, rigging and animations for different shots, as well as realizing the director's vision using cinematography to do so.


What I learned:

On this job I learned the importance of communication between departments and with in my own department.


Software that was used:Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop 



The Wild bunch

The project: "The wild Bunch" concept Real


My role: layout artist, a part of the team responsible for all of the cinematography in this short 


Personal goal:

to learn cinematography


Project description:

a promotional short to promote the upcoming feature. The wild Bunch 


What I learned:

I learned a lot about camera composition and movement. I also plan to importance of communicating with the director.


Software that was used:  Autodesk Maya

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