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Church of the Holy Sepulchre


The project: this project was created as part of my studies at the Bezalel academy of arts and design, Jerusalem


My goal:

My goal was to re-create the original church of the holy sepulchre complex as it was in the fourth century.


Project description: 

The course was called "Between three cities - Rome, Constantinople, Jerusalem" - the three great Christian cities of ancient times. For my paper I had to choose one of these cities and write about its most prominent features, technologies and culture.

I created this 3D model from archaeological blueprints expert historian knowledge of the time and pictures of the remains that are still visible today.


My role: 

I researched and modeled according to architectural plans of the time and textured Also, according to data that was collected from historical manuscripts.


What I learned: 

In this project I learned mainly about research and how to approach an architectural project.


Software that was used: Modeling and sculpture Autodesk Maya and Mudbox,  Adobe Photoshop. The project was rendered with V-Ray



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