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The project: This project was created for the center for digital media as part of my master`s degree.


My role: in a Student Project I was the lead Game Designer And unity 3-D artist.


My responsibilities: I Was responsible for the look and feel of the game, from the administration to Character Design and Level Design,I was also responsible for the Character rigging And gesture and facial animation.


What I learned: In this project I learned the fundamentals of game design and Gameplay planning. I also learned how to create a project breakdown and Utilize some of the agile method tools. I also learned how to create 3-D Assets for games and How to Texture Lighting a scene with in Unity Pro.In this project. I also learned how to write a blog and how to handle myself better  in client meetings


Project Description: 

“Unit 8” is a division of Interpol, where wizard agents magical powers are recruited to fight sorcery throughout the globe.



When using the Oculus Rift, other recognizably human characters feel more vivid. With a wide array of input systems available, players who see other characters instinctually want to go speak to them and get their attention.  The foundation of dramatic experiences is emotion and character interaction. With that in mind, the question that remains is how much of that drama can we create by replicating these interactions in a virtual environment?  The team will explore incorporating speech, gesture recognition and character interaction by the PC (Player Character) and NPC (Non-Player Character) to replicate a natural human interactive experience to improve the user virtual reality experience.  


Unlike our competitors, whose focus has been mostly on hardware and not user experience, the team is aiming to replicate a highly natural and life-like experience when interacting with avatars within a virtual world using the available technologies.


Given the timespan of 12 weeks, we are aiming to present a playable demo by April 11th, 2014 as a proof of concept, demonstrating how a PC can interact and talk with a NPC in a virtual reality world, using the Oculus Rift and Razor Hydra.



Software that was used:Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Illustrator



About this project see the links below:


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