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A Summers Day at the Pond


The project: This project. I created  as an attempt to create a childhood memory of the  summer's day at a Pond


My role:

Concept and design/Modeling/Sculpting/Texturing/Simulation/Lighting and Rendering


Project description: 

I worked on this project. All my free time to try and create a summer's day feeding. In the three images on the right can see some blowups of detail that I Pacific the like. The top image you can see an old bicycle that has been left abandoned, the second image is a pair of butterflies dancing, the third image. If you look carefully you can find a rubber ducky And lastly

The broken plank and the rope touching the water.


What I learned: I had the opportunity to learn how to render  and create Photorealistic foliage in the 3-D scene, I also improved my 3-D sculpting and Photoshop skills


Software that was used:Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop 



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