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The project: This project was created as part of my advanced game design course. The goal was to find a publisher and publish a game within 2 and a half months. 


My role: 

Level design/ Modeling/Rigging/Animating/Lighting/Visual effects


Project description: 

Super mega ultra light drive is a cross-platform downloadable pc game that mixes the collection and evasion elements of pacman, with the look, feel and speed of a light-infused rollercoaster ride.


Set in the microcosm of a laboratory experiment, the player takes on the role of a single light particle trying to escape its man-made confinement. The player must gather stray light particles while avoiding laser beams, antimatter, and quantum singularities.


Gameplay and Mechanic:

Objective: Collect and deliver stray particles to a central “ionic node” (goal node) to create a concentrated beam of light and elevate to higher, more challenging levels.


​What I learned: 

How to plan and approach a game publisher. The importance of a good pitch and project planning. 


Software used: Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Mudbox, Adobe Photoshop and Unreal Engine


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