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About the College: The CDM is home to the Master of Digital Media program, a world class, professional graduate program, inspired by cutting-edge research and industry innovation.



The program

The Master of Digital Media program (MDM) is an internationally recognized, research informed, and industry relevant professional graduate program that engages students in the development of digital media products.



More about the school At


Project VR

My role:

Lead artist/lead game designer 

This game was a project for the Center for digital media.

Particle rush

In Production

My role:

Co-game designer/3D artist/level designer/FX and texture artist

This game was created as part of the course "advanced game design" at the Center for digital media.

8-Bit Yume

My role:

Co-project Manager/3D Artist and game designer

This is my final term project at the Center for digital media. The project will be showcased at the Evolution of games exhibition.


Feed Willy

My role:

Co-game designer/graphic designer

This game was a project for the Center for digital media.

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