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Feed Willy


The project: This project was created for the center for digital media as part of my master`s degree.


My role: Ideation and helped with Game design andthe gameplay


Project description:  the idea of this project was to create a mobile game that will be published with in a week.


Gameplay mechanic:As a human who is about to be fed to her work

Your goal Is to escape the menacing jaws great Desert Worms

As the ones come out of the ground. You must swing Away from them at the last increasingly gets harder as time goes by.


My responsibilities: I was responsible for the logo and menu screen


What I learned: Even though my role was small this project. I learned that it's possible to publish an android game in a short period of time. Furthermore, that's a good logo and a good name house sales and popularity


Software that was used:, Adobe Illustrator



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