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Finaling and simulation

Simulated using nCloth and Yeti (time 0:00:08)

In this shot I simulated the shirt of the male shopper with the baseball hat, I also did some corrective sculpts on the female cashier and the female shopper.

Finaling and simulation

Simulated using nCloth (time 0:00:25)

In this scene I simulated all of the buns and sausage packages, as well as the potato bag. This shot had a series of challenges such as the amount of different animations for each package. The potato bag particularly because it moves through space, and is only filled with five potatoes. I had to simulate the bag as though it was full of moving potatoes despite the fact that it was quite empty.

Finaling and simulation

Simulated using nCloth (time 0:00:35)

I created the initial simulation rigs for the sausage and the bun packages and simulated both packages in this shot, making sure that there were no geometry crashes with the characters and the environment.

Finaling and clean up

Simulated using nCloth (time 0:00:45)

I made sure each character's contacts were perfect, by creating deformations on the geometry  to create a more dynamic feel. In addition I tweaked the animation to make sure that the characters In the scene weren't crashing with each other throughout the shot.

Finaling and clean up

Simulated using nCloth (time 0:00:57)

This shot consists mostly of finaling work, such as making sure that the potato and the hand have good contacts, and that the potato's arms aren't crashing with the character's hand. I also created a light rig for our first screening to illustrate the lighting changes in the Final rendered shot.

Finaling and simulation

Simulated using nCloth and Yeti (time 0:01:36)

This shot was quite fun to work on, I simulated the character's shirt and hair and worked on the contacts of the sausage that is being pulled away.

Finaling and clean up

Simulated using nCloth (time 0:01:56)

In this shot I had to make the floor's geometry look and feel like mounds of flour. It's a bit obscure but in the background you can see a milk carton walking through those flour mounds and leaving a trail.

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Trailer  Breakdown

Sausage Party


Nitrogen studios partnered with Sony Pictures Entertainment, Annapurna Pictures (“Zero Dark Thirty”, “American Hustle”, “Her”) and Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s Point Grey Pictures on this amazing movie project directed by Nitrogen’s Greg Tiernan and veteran Dreamworks director Conrad Vernon (“Shrek 2, “Monsters Vs Aliens”, “Madagascar 3″).


“Sausage Party” is an ‘R’ rated theatrical animated movie about one sausage’s quest to discover the truth about his existence. After falling out of a shopping cart, our hero sausage and his new friends embark on a perilous journey through the supermarket to get back to their aisles before the 4th of July sale.


Sony’s President of Production, Hannah Minghella said “We’re thrilled to be back in business with Seth and Evan. This project has all the irreverent, insightful and risque R-rated humor we have come to expect from them. Matching their unique comic sensibility with an animated film is a fun and inspired idea. We are confident that Seth, Evan, Conrad and Greg will deliver one of the most memorable animated movies of all time.”

What I learned:

professionally this was a chance to expand my knowledge of Maya's nCloth, my understanding of cloth dynamics and setup has increased exponentially. Exposure to unfamiliar workflows helped enhance my problem solving skills as well as my attention to detail. A good analogy would be, that before working at nitrogen I was a cook, where as now I feel more like a chef.


I worked with shotgun for the first time and learned how to write a ticket in a way that makes my needs and problems understood.


During my time at Nitrogen I had the pleasure to work with many different professionals, which helped me grow as a professional and as an artist. I learned how to communicate and work with people from all ends of the earth in a way that helps create a better work environment. I also had the pleasure to make many friends and be exposed to the Canadian way of life.


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